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To deliver and maintain the highest quality of personalized professional service.
Norseman Cartage Ltd.


With 35 years plus in the industry, we’ve built strong relationships with the major distribution centres and handle every pick-up and delivery as if it were our own. We’re proud to offer a full-service operation to our clients including:

  • Competitive rates (hourly or by shipment);

  • Pick-up and delivery appointments booked by us;

  • Delivery of fresh, frozen and dry goods;

  • Temperature controlled trailers from -30C to + 30C;

  • State-of-the-art computer software to accurately track all shipments from start to finish;

  • Clients can track shipments via our secure website;

  • Short-term temperature controlled storage in our secure facility;

  • 24-hour customer support;

  • Proof of delivery within 48 hours upon request;

  • Weekly billing outlining exactly where your dollars were spent;

  • Pick-up and delivery of all loads, regardless of size;

  • Quality assurance tracking;

  • Regular audits with clients;

  • Fully insured for up to $7,000,000.00


Trailer wrapping

Available space for a truck Wrap Around AD is 7'-4" high x to 20'-6" long on each side of a local delivery (straight) truck and 46 to 51 feet long on each side of a regional (big rig) semi-trailer or tractor-trailer. Plus, the optional space on the back of the truck. Depending on the truck size, available AD space totals 266 to 800 square feet per truck when doing a wrap around. Truck Ads are Big and Effective.

Those seeking long term maximum exposure for a new product, our large format mobile Wrap Around AD is the most effective way to advertise and a smart alternative to other forms of advertising. We invite you to call our competition, compare their rates and then call us at Norseman Cartage Ltd for tractor trailer billboard advertising.

Give us a call now for your  mobile billboards which are sometimes referred to as truck billboards.

You can also advertise with us! Have your company and products viewed by Millions on 53’ Trailer for as little as $300.00/ Month

Please call for rates and quotes.

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